Infinity Whitening Flare Face Day Cream SPF30 60ml

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Infinity Flare Day Cream

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Infinity Whitening Flare Face Day Cream SPF30 60ml

Whitening Cream Flare Face Cream SPF30 with its unique formula, acts simultaneously on the skin surface and deep down to visibly reduce the appearance of all minor skin flaws, eliminating brown spots and defeating the mechanisms that cause skin pigmentation. With UVA-UVB filters, it also protects skin against sun rays and prevents any further pigmentation.

Product indications

Skin hyperpigmentation

Dehydrated skin and fine lines

Premature aging

Product features

Etioline – Kojic Acid – Ascorbic Acid – Bearberry Ext. – Melon Ext. – Dragostat – Melaslow – Hyaluronic Acid – Glutathione – Licorice Ext. – Cocoa Butter.

Instructions for use

Apply to face and neck at morning after cleansing, directly on brown spots.

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