Acne Skin Care Products – Infinity Akren Soap 100gm

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Acne Treatment – Acne Skin Care Products – Infinity Akren Soap 100gm

Acne Treatment Akren anti – acne soap contains best of acne skin care products ingredients with its unique blend of antiseptic compounds and Keratolytic effect, Akren anti – acne soap effectively cleans skin, eliminates harmful germs and bacteria, and helps in pore unclogging especially in acne prone skin, allowing a fresh, smooth and clean sensation. It removes dead skin in all types of acne vulgaris and balances skin pH.

Product indications

Acne prone skin

Removes dead skin

Product features

Black Seed Oil – Olive Oil – Chamomile – Aloe Vera Ext. – Eruca Sativa – Salicylicacid – Sulfur – Vitamin C – Clove Oil – Thyme Oil – Tea Tree Oil.

Instructions for use

Apply the foam at morning and night to your face, massage, and leave it for 3 minutes then rinse thoroughly.


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